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Name: Bodi Venu Gopal Dayalan

Email Id: dayalan1962@gmail.com

Phone: +91 9566249295

Description: Prayaag Technologies, a technocrat company managed by TEAM of Engineers expertise in Telecom Infrastructure and general engineering resource, development and supply management. Their core product line is manufacturing of fiber optic cable installation machinery and tools along with general engineering gadgets and resourcing. Prayaag Technologies certified as Exporter by Ministry of Commerce and Industry is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. They are experts in international trading, sourcing and customized developers of engineering products, logistical managements. They are also committed for providing energy efficient & Reliable service solutions to their customers. Prayaag Technologies products are: Gowin 1025Hydraulic Cable Blowing Machine, Gowin Minijet Hydraulic and Pneumatic blowing machine, Gowin Microjet Pneumatic and Electrical Blowing machine, Gowin 1020 Pneumatic and Hydraulic blowing machine, Gowin DIT for Macro ducts and Micro Ducts, Decoilers, ‘Y’ type Couplers, FRP Duct Rodder, Traceable Duct Rodder.

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