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Name: Christian Muhirwa

Email Id: christian.muhirwa@bsc.rw


Description: Since its inception in 2008 with the mission of rolling out the Fiber Optic Networks across the country, Broadband System Corporation, BSC, achieved the biggest spread of Fiber Optic connectivity in the country in 3 years covering over 3000 kilometers in 30 districts and 11 border points around Rwanda in the bid to contribute to Rwanda’s mission of becoming an ICT hub of East Africa. BSC Ltd. is duly registered under the laws and regulations of the Republic of Rwanda as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) based on world-class technologies in Information Communication Technology, ICT, and broadband connectivity. In the pursuit of excellence in Internet service provision, BSC bases on its long-standing experience in the sector combined with its staff base passion in the industry that drive innovation and services that exceed their customers’ expectations. They understand that satisfaction is not what They put into their products and services instead what you take out of them.

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