Hexakomb Ltd.

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Name: Ernest Kayinamura

Email Id: ernest@hexakomb.com


Description: Hexakomb work with organizations to first understand their objectives, then partner with them to drive the strategy, operations, and information technology necessary to achieving them. Think of Hexakomb as a hybrid of a management consulting and an IT solutions company. Hexakomb believe in a holistic approach to tackling an organization’s challenges and opportunities by emphasizing people, process and maximizing the use of information technology. Hexakomb develop innovative web and mobile software solutions combined with best practice consulting. Hexakomb provide IT Governance, project management, system architecture design, and system analysis. Hexakomb have deep experience developing solutions for government, international organizations, and private companies. Hexakomb have domain expertise in energy, utilities, education, tourism, financial services and human resources. Hexakomb understand how to build scalable systems that enable efficient operations while saving time and money. Hexakomb software development methodology ensure fast delivery times and project success.

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